Brie de Melun

Our Brie de Melun PDO is made exclusively with raw milk from cows on Mr and Mrs Pette’s farm, which is adjacent to the cheese dairy.

In terms of production, we mould, slice and turn over by hand.

A soft cheese with a bloomy rind, this cheese has a downy rind strewn with orange to brick-red spots. Beneath its thin rind is a straw-yellow cheese, chalky when young and creamy at its peak.

On the palate, lactic aromas predominate with a slight saline touch. It is a typical cheese, its flavour is more pronounced than its brother Brie de Meaux.

Like the Brillat-Savarin from our Fromagerie de Juchy, this cheese is particularly popular with cheesemongers.

1.5 to 1.8 kg cheese – individually packaged.

Bronze medal at the 2018 Brie de Melun cheese competition for our Brie de Melun made in our Cheese Dairy and matured at the Loiseau Cheese Dairy.


producteur brie de melun AOP