Our Brillat-Savarin IGP is made exclusively with raw milk from cows on Mr and Mrs Pette’s farm, which is adjacent to the cheese dairy.

A soft cheese with a bloomy rind, this cheese is distinguished by its softness. Its rind is fluffy while the cheese itself is fine and creamy under the rind. When young, lactic aromas predominate. As it matures, hazelnut and mushroom notes develop.

We recommend that you enjoy the Brillat-Savarin with a Crémant de Bourgogne. The vivacity and freshness of the latter will contrast with the smoothness of the Brillat-Savarin.

Like the Brie de Melun from our Juchy Cheese Dairy, this cheese is particularly popular with cheesemongers.

200, 250 or 500 gram cheeses – packaging: 200 gr x 6 – 250 gr x 6 – 500 gr x 6.

Silver medal for our Brillat-Savarin 500 grams at the Concours Général Agricole 2019.


Producteur Brillat-Savarin IGP au lait cru